A student in good standing may request the College in writing (or via a completed FCIM transcript request form found on the FCIM website) to issue transcripts of his/her academic performance. The fees for such transcripts are:

  • There is no charge for pre-graduation transcripts to be sent to NCCAOM.

  • Two (2) official transcripts at no charge are issued upon graduation, including one (1) sent to NCCAOM and one (1) sent to the licensing board that the student designates.

  • Any other official transcript costs $10.

  • Any other unofficial transcript costs $5.

Transcript requests may take up to two (2) weeks to process.

** The College does not issue transcripts for any student who is not in good standing with the College, including (but not limited to) any student who is on suspension, has improperly withdrawn, or owes any outstanding financial and/or other obligation to the College. Please consult the most recent FCIM Student Handbook for additional details on transcript requests.

Please click on the Transcript Request link below to request and pay directly online.