Admission Requirements: 

The minimum admission requirements for acceptance are a high school diploma and at least 60 semester hours of credit form an accredited college or university.  Any student must be at least 18 years of age.  The college credit must include at least 30 credits of general education or liberal arts courses which may include, but are not limited to, English, history, philosophy, literature, religion, art, music, sociology, foreign languages, humanities, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and psychology with a minimum overall GPA of 2.0.  The college does not admit students under the "Ability to Benefit" criteria, meaning that a high school diploma and/or Certificate of High School Equivalency is required for all admitted students.  

Your application file will become complete when all of the Required Admissions Documents have been submitted. When complete, your file will be submitted for final review by the Admissions Committee. Upon their approval, you will be notified by mail with a letter of acceptance at which time you will be eligible to enroll, subject to the terms of the College's Enrollment Agreement. (International students will be issued an I-20 for immigrations processing with the letter of acceptance.)

A one-time, non-refundable application fee ($50 for Domestic Students; $100 for Transfer Students; $300 for International Students) must be paid to the college before processing of your information can begin.  (Once we have received your application and application fee a student file will be created.  The application fee may be paid directly online here.

Required Admissions Document:

All Students must send to the College the following to complete their student file and be considered for admission:

International students (only) must also submit the following:

  • Foreign Transcript Evaluation performed by an agency approved for evaluating foreign credentials

  • Proof of English language proficiency (diploma/degree verification or TOEFL/TSE results)

  • A notarized affidavit of support from a parent or other sponsor that demonstrates ability and willingness to pay tuition and living/travel expenses totaling $35,000 per year.

  • Proof of current health insurance coverage (required at Registration time)

  • Affidavit of Financial Support and Bank Certification form


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An Application for admission is valid for one calendar year from the date of the original submission. This application can be moved to another term within the calendar year. In the event that admission standards or the format of the application has changed, a new application may be required.
Please affirm the following statement by entering your name and today's date below as a digital signature: I certify that all information provided in this application and in supporting documents provided in connection herewith is correct and complete and satisfies the requirements of this application. I understand that I may be required to furnish documented proof of information given. Furthermore, I understand that if any documents provided are shown to be fraudulent, I may be subject to legal actions. I agree that though I may be academically qualified, acceptance to the Florida College of Integrative Medicine is based upon the discretion of the Admissions Committee, and that admission does not create any promise or guarantee of future licensure or employment.