Library Hours

Monday through Friday- 8:30am to 6:00pm

Saturdays & Sundays - Closed

**Library hours may change in observation of certain national holidays and during school summer and winter breaks.  

FCIM Bookstore

The bookstore for the Florida College of Integrative Medicine meets the stringent curriculum determined by the school as well as provides a wide variety of popular and competitively priced books on Chinese medicine for our current students and faculty members.

The FCIM bookstore:

  • Sells required textbooks, reference books, manuals, charts, and study guides for FCIM classes.

  • Provides popular books about Chinese medicine for medical professionals and the general public.

  • Accepts book order requests for books from the FCIM book/price list or by contracted vendors.

  • Only serves walk-in customers and does not offer shipping services at this time.

Bookstore Refund Policy 

All materials and supplies including CDs and books with CDs and tapes are nonrefundable once purchased by the student.

Unmarked textbooks in new condition purchased from the college FCIM will be refunded 100%give a full refund up to 7 days after the date of sale.  Products must meet the following criteria in order to receive a refund. 

  • New textbooks must be in new condition with purchase date verified by the accounting department to receive a full refund.

  • Shrink-wrapped items must be unopened.

  • No refund for textbooks with receipt from FCIM bookstore. This does not includeany marks.

  • No refund for any CD and/or tapes purchased.

  • No refund for any special order and non-required books which are non-refundable once purchased. The College Book Store has final judgment on all returns.


Check out: Only books in general collection, audiotapes and videos circulate. Books can be checked out for three(3) weeks, four(4) books at a time for students. Books can be checked out four(4) weeks, eight(8) books at a time for faculty and staff. Videotapes and audiotapes circulate for one(1) week, three(3) videos or audiotapes at a time for all patrons. The return due date for Items borrowed is stamped on a card in each item.

Library patrons are responsible for returning all borrowed books on time and are accountable for the items until they are returned.  Library patrons must return materials to the library personnel or designated administrative staff.

Reference Materials:  All reference materials, including reference books, journals, software, and audio-visuals must be available to all students.  None of these items may leave the library without special permissions from the library staff.  These items may be borrowed for maximum of three(3) days.  The librarian retains the right to decide which item in the non-circulation collection may be circulated.

Renewal:  Item may be renewed up to three(3) times unless requested by another library user. Renewing loaned library materials can be done by phone (407-888-8689 ext 12), email [email protected], or in person (with or without the items in hand).

Overdue Materials: Overdue and lost material policies exist so that library items will remain available for everyone.  The following applies to the borrowers:

  • Borrowers must keep track of due dates.

  • After the due date, the library will charge patrons a fine for overdue materials. The fine for overdue books is $0.25 per day per book. The fine for overdue books from the reference collection is $1.00 per day per book. The fine for overdue Video/Audiotapes is $1.00 per day per tape.

  • Damaged books: Library users are responsible for borrowed items lost or damaged. The user shall pay four(4) times the original price for Rare (under librarian’s solo judgment) or out of print books that are irreplaceable. The borrower shall pay the full price for replacing regular books or repairing damaged books, plus the processing fee of $75.

If the borrower is a student, unpaid fines and fees will be billed to the student's financial account with FCIM.  The library reserves the right to block a user’s account if library fines remain unpaid for 30 days or more. Graduating students must be clear of all charges and return all materials two (2) weeks before graduation.  In addition, no further library items may be checked out two (2) weeks prior to graduation.  If the library account is not cleared, the student's diploma and transcript will be held until the account is cleared.

Neiping Peng, Director of Learning Resources

Neiping Peng, Director of Learning Resources

FCIM Bookstore Contacts: