How long does the student application process take?
The speed of the process depends on how quickly you and your references submit the required documents. The documents may be submitted altogether or one at a time.

Will my credits from prior educational institutions transfer?
Yes. You must apply as a transfer student. When your file is complete, a transcript evaluation will be performed to determine which courses may be applicable. Some courses can be waived so the student will not have to repeat the course at FCIM. The course must have been taken within the past eight years. 

What kind of educational background is required to enter the Oriental Medicine program?
As long as you meet the minimum requirements, it does not matter what field of study your educational background is in.

Once my student application file is complete, how long will it take until I know if I am accepted?
When your file becomes complete, the Admissions Committee performs a final review of the file. This process could take up to two weeks.

How will I know if I am declined or accepted?
You will be notified by mail with a letter of acceptance or declination.

How much is tuition?
Please click here for our catalog which will give you the most current pricing.

Do you offer financial aid?
Yes, we offer financial aid. Please click here to be directed to the financial aid section.

Is the college’s intern clinic on campus?
Yes the intern clinic is located in the main campus building. Extern clinics are located throughout central Florida and can be used to satisfy up to 25% of required clinical hours per semester.

Do you have online or distance learning courses?
No, FCIM does not offer online courses at this time.

Does the College have any religious affiliations?
No, We do not have any religious affiliations.

Do you offer campus tours?
Absolutely.  Our Admissions department would be happy to schedule your visit.  You can simply email us for an admissions appointment or call Director of Admissions at 407.888.8689 ext. 35