Sign Up for a 5-Week Long Treatment Course with a Licensed Acupuncture Physician for $20.00 per session.

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A Licensed Acupuncture Physician/Professor will demonstrate to observing interns the procedure for an entire course of treatment.

The Licensed Acupuncture Physician will teach observing interns how to perform intake, diagnosis, treatment plan, point selection and location, needling technique, adjunctive therapies and prescription of herbal formulas.  The treatment will be performed in a classroom setting.

This is an $80 value discounted to $20 as part of an on-going educational program.

Scheduling priority will be given on a first come first served basis**. 

Please contact the clinic at 407.888.8689 Ext 10 for scheduling information, or email [email protected].


*Each Treatment session may last up to two hours.

** Once Scheduled, the total charge of $100.00 (for 5 weekly sessions) is due at the first session.  Patients must commit to the weekly course of treatment for 5 weeks.

*** This package does NOT include any herbal and/ or topical products.